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Since childhood, trucks have always been a fascinating experience for me especially when it came to old classic trucks. Today, there are barely any websites over the Internet that sells old trucks in full working condition and also giving you the details of the same. While I was browsing through trucking inventories, I stumbled upon Marmon trucks and was nearly shocked that barely there were 2-3 sites that talked about these trucks. That was the time that I decided if ever given a chance I would come out with solution for these trucks that are barely talked about. The Marmon trucks originated from Texas and were later introduced in the parts of Australia in the year 1996. It was Peter Max who invented Max Marmon in 1995, while the main founder of the company was Daniel W Marmon. Not many people might know that the Max Marmon trucks were hand built and it was then that people considered them to be “The Cream” of all the American trucks. Much of these quality trucks are still plying in the roads and highways of Australia, the range of trucks includes from general freight vehicles, the goods vehicles, cattle farm vehicles and more.

According to Managing director of Max Marmon trucks, the trucks are capable of handling any type of road conditions since the time of their early invention dating back to the year 1932. The early trucks were used for hauling purposes with a pay load capacity of 20 tons for single trailers, they were then used for hauling heavy cast pipe from Syrian Deserts, the trucks could easily drive on sand or mud type of conditions with the speed of 3045 km/h. The Australian roads well accepted the Marmon trucks and even so by the owners and trucks drivers, these trucks gave them much comfort and agility while driving the trucks. The power plant models of these trucks gave the output of over 300-550 hp that carried over 1850 lb ft of torque levels. These machines are quiet in their working and could be used for versatile purposes like the construction work, the forestry purposes, heavy hauling on road trains. Marmon motors has completed the trucking orders from the US air force units, these Marmon machines are the important trucks for the US Air Defense system. They were custom made and carries all the requirements and specifications that are needed by the Defense army, the trucks can climb up with 135 tonne gross load at 10 per cent grade. These machines carry a speed of 90 km/h, this was especially because of the use of Caterpillar 3406E diesel engine that is said to give the output of over 500 hp. The cooling for all the marmon machines was provided through 1600 sq in. high capacity system.

Marmon trucks are concept machines they are defined and invented with specific purposes, one unique element of these trucks is the braking system along with the standard dual circuit air brakes that are the features in all of its machines. The unique most two-engine brakes system includes Caterpillar brakesaver and the Jacobs engine brake system, the braking system are fully automatic and are available as manual options also. The machines can generate over an amazing 800 hp. Marmon trucks were the first of its kind, the trucks that were hand built and they were the first ever innovators to introduce rear view mirrors and also the dual wheels system on the trucks. Although the Marmon trucks are traditional they are one of the best in the industry that uses the skills of craftsmen and also including the modern innovative features in their trucks. Marmon trucks are best regarded for carrying heavy-duty trucks, it is owned by large US transport company; the basic Marmon trucks range starts from $159,000 for 14 litre engine machine.

Taking the example of Marmon 57p, this is the machine model for the year 1990 the price of which is US $29,500. The engine specs are that of Cummins and provide the transmission speed of 18 km/h. The machine consists of a quad axle Dump trucks with Cummins 444 Jake. It has got 18 speed fuller and 20 front axle with 44 rear suspension. The suspension system is that of Hendrickson Rubber ride suspension with double frame, the machine has dual exhaust air cleaners along with 2 yr old 20 ft dump box machine. Additionally, the machine also consists of a vibrator and air tailgate nicely maintained and in a good excellent working condition. The Marmon Co2 1979 model is priced at US $6,000 with engine specs of Cummins giving the output of 400 hp with transmission speed of 13. The suspension used here is that of Reyco, it consists of Aluminum wheels and tires at 22.5 inches.

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