2012 Kenworth W900 – Designed For Heavy-Duty & Long-Haul Operations

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When you have arrived, there is really only one choice to make; the 2012 Kenworth W900, a perfect combination of expert engineering, classic styling and cutting-edge technologies. Since its introduction, the Kenworth W900 replicated a dramatic departure in heavy duty trucks. It brought the road to life for owners and drivers alike. Set the pace in long haul reliability, performance, productivity, sheer luxury and ease of maintenance. It combines beautifully aesthetic design like never before with ready for anything functionality and proves as comfortable Success in the hard nosed business of moving goods from one destination to the other, meaning you never have to choose between a vehicle one that’s profitable to operate and which is a pleasure to drive.

The W900 is a model of Kenworth truck designed and engineered for long haul and heavy duty operations. It was originally introduced in the year 1976. The company’s job has been to continually and carefully refine the 2012 Kenworth W900 without changing what made it great. At present, few things in business exceed expectations quite like a Kenworth long nosed traditional. Fewer still continue for inspiring and exciting successive generations of drivers. For many, the W900 is an ultimate goal. In a world of knockoffs, unrelenting and copycats parity, this is an original, a rare piece of individuality you can call your own. Kenworth W900.

2012 Kenworth W900

Something Special

When you drive a 2012 Kenworth W900, you own the immediate vicinity. It’s a look, it’s a sound and it’s an undeniable recognition of your achievement. Nevertheless, who could ignore the sheer presence of W900L with 130 inches from bumper to back-of-cab, one of the longest of long nosed traditional trucks. Or miss the customized message so clearly reflected in tailored soul stirring dual chromed stacks and hand stitched, brightwork upholstery. Who wouldn’t gaze with envy at a hand finished, hand masked paint job, which exhibits a luster so deep you can see it for miles. Or fail to appreciate the exclusive styling of a Kenworth Studio Sleeper or AeroCab.

The 2012 Kenworth W900 combines the choices you make, with the company’s right the first time manufacturing integrity from paint scheme to powertrain. The result is a hardest working, best engineered, downright awe-inspiring and most luxuriously comfortable truck, Kenworth knows how to build. No matter where it goes, it won’t go unnoticed. Behind this enduring symbol of excellence inhabits a truck which combines state-of-the-art technology with conventional Kenworth styling. Truly inspired ergonomic design and world class quality fuse for delivering a superior driving experience. Everything looks better via windshield of W900. If you are going to tour the country with 80,000 lbs., there is no better way to do it than from the driver’s seat of W900L.

2012 Kenworth W900


Inside the 2012 Kenworth W900, it is easy to understand why so many professionals would prefer to turn the key on a Kenworth unlike any other model in the market. Luxurious, deep machine stitched diamond and button upholstery surrounds you with a rich looking cockpit of unsurpassed comfort. Completely adjustable Air Cushion Premium Plus seats have been orthopedically contoured for lumbar and lateral support. The state of the art dash gets large, easy to reach controls and switches, multiplexed electronic instrumentation and all the gauge options you want.

In-cab storage includes upholstered seat back pockets; a convenient place to put your thermos; center console with drink holders, slide-in logbook and pen holder; a perfect spot to place your cell phone, two 12-volt outlets and more. There are all the subtle things you can’t see, you simply have to experience. Like high performance heater/air conditioner of the company with the motor thoughtfully mounted on the firewall for minimizing cab noise. The suspended clutch and throttle pedals and flatter toe board angle reduce leg strain.

Getting in and out of a 2012 W900 is easy. With ergonomically positioned traction grip steps, generous grab handles and large, wide opening doors, cab access feels just right. Air Cushion Premium Plus seats fully adjustable for lumbar and lateral support, orthopedically sculpted, reclinable and offered with armrests smooth out rough spots. With your needs in mind, the center console is a perfect place for storing items such as cups, soft drinks or cellphone and now gets two 12-volt outlets. Offered in Splendor (above) and Diamond (right) upholstery, the new door pad of 2012 Kenworth W900 presents a durable, soft, low-gloss prestigious finish you may associate with finest automobiles. The new door pad design positions the door lock, mirror and window controls for easy touch access.

2012 Kenworth W900


Custom-designed from bumper to taillight, the 2012 Kenworth W900 comes almost any way you want it. Spec it lean for payload hungry applications, selecting from a huge amount of weight saving options or order it decked out with signature setting, factory installed Kenworth exclusives, including polished tool boxes, fuel tanks and battery boxes, dual polished vertical exhaust stacks, stainless cowl mounted air cleaners, roof mounted lamps and horns, lighted trim panels and 86-inch Studio Sleeper.

Your design choices encompass a range of proven heavy duty components and the newest technologies for GCWs to 200,000 pounds or more; front axles up to 18,000 pounds; the highest horsepower engines; single, tandem and tridem drives; liftable pusher and tag axles; Rear engine PTOs, numerous transmission options, including auxiliaries, center front tow hook, dual power steering and a wide spectrum of steel frame selections with up to 2 inserts. The company provides tri-drives offering the pulling power of a 6 x 6 for less money and without the hassle of the raised front end of front drive axle or a transfer case. Kenworth built optional steel or aluminum diamond plate toolboxes with lockable handles can be situated in back of the fuel tanks or beneath the cab.

2012 Kenworth W900 engine


Whether you choose a workhorse rugged, yet the custom look of a Diamond upholstery package or way above standard Splendor interior, the cabin inside 2012 Kenworth W900 has been designed and engineered to help those behind the wheel operate at their absolute best. Tour a Kenworth Studio Sleeper or one of the company’s AeroCab sleepers and check out the consummate balance between pleasure and business, the elegant and creative interior appointments and the convenient, productive and thoughtful layout, all handcrafted to the same exacting standard they use for building the rest of your Kenworth W900.

The 2012 Kenworth W900’s 86-inch Studio AeroCab symbolizes one of the most prestigious and voluptuous off-duty environments ever available as original equipment by the truck manufacturing company. With more than 7 feet of headroom, space conserving design features and flush walk-through sleeper sill, the Studio AeroCab efficiently doubles your living area unlike the traditional floorplan. Skylights, vented upper side windows and tinted picture windows further expand your sense of space as they bathe the interior in natural light.

2012 Kenworth W900 interior

The Kenworth AeroCab AERODYNE with a Diamond VIT cockpit is truly something special, providing abundance of space, light and headroom in a floorplan along with a myriad of additional comfort features such as full length door enclosed hanging closet, a deeply tufted Diamond interior, QuietCab package, cabinet with two shelves, over bunk side storage compartments, a 42-inch mattress and fold down desk. Optional features include rear and side picture windows, a fold out sofa bed, drawered cabinets, a TV mounting package, liftable lower bunk, a large capacity front loading freezer/refrigerator and underbunk drawers.

The standard Splendor interior of Kenworth has always been a cut above the Class 8 standard. However in AeroCab, it is even further ahead. Included in 72-inch model are storage shelves, a full length clothes closet, vented access doors, 42-inch mattress and insulated rubber floor mats. A wide variety of options are available, including under bunk drawers, a folding upper bunk, TV installation kit, QuietCab package, a liftable lower bunk with 42-inch mattress and nylon carpet.


It is easy to be attracted by the pure pleasure of owning the best, most luxurious truck on the road; but there is even more beauty beneath the skin in a form of day out, day in dependability, longevity and mechanical integrity. Revolutionary for its toughness, the 2012 Kenworth W900 fuses fiberglass and aluminum in an assembly which is practically corrosion proof. Huckbolts hold all pieces together with a clamping force 6 times greater unlike rivets, so the cab is tight, more rattle free and strong. You will find all the little things you may not notice which help keep big things from going wrong. Plumbing and wiring combined together and mounted high in the frame, safe from road salts, washing acids or chafing. Threaded steel shackle pins and bushings for extending suspension life and enhancing steering, constant torque hose clamps, radiator tie rods mounted to frame for longer radiator life and much more.

A one piece fiberglass roof and coil coated aluminum panels, supported by an aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame, create a durable yet lightweight cab, which is virtually immune to corrosion. Thick bulkhead type doors hang on continuous stainless steel piano hinges not usual automotive hinges and fit snugly to become an integral part of the cab structure, another reason Kenworth trucks bring more at resale unlike just about any other make you can name.


The 2012 Kenworth W900’s powerplant sits high in the frame and totally ahead of the cab for full access. You can change oil, water and fuel filters and check fluid levels while standing on the ground not on a tire. The air conditioner/heater motor, windshield wiper motor, washer reservoir and electrical master connectors are all on the firewall for easier repair. On W900, it integrates straight sections of strengthened rubber hose, which are much less expensive for replacing and more readily available unlike preformed hoses, alongside steel elbows which are good for a lifetime of service. Even the electrical system, a maintenance headache for most operators has been designed for streamlined troubleshooting and durability. Multiplexed instrumentation greatly makes simpler cab wiring that’s further numbered and color coded for easy circuit tracing. Quick to fix engineering features like these can mean a lot shop time, money out of your pocket and less downtime.

The power distribution box of 2012 W900 puts all circuit protection elements, relays, breakers and fuses in one quick to reach location. The frame is a continuous straight rail made of heat treated steel, custom drilled to specification providing superior longevity and strength. Aluminum gussets and extruded aluminum crossmembers in standard designs for easy replacement add extra foundation without adding a lot of extra weight. All the components are free-fit fastened for extended life. Here is another reason Kenworth trucks are so dependable: 12V maintenance free batteries mounted on the left hand side and held firmly in place, close to the starter motor for minimum voltage drop.

Heavy Duty Support

The minute you take delivery of your 2012 Kenworth W900, you get 24/7 access to one of the most reliable and extensive service and parts organizations in the trucking industry. People who know your truck inside out and can show you how to maximize uptime, lower operating expenses, profit from your investment and optimize truck performance. Comprehensive preventive maintenance programs, complimentary roadside assistance, cost management service cards and expedited servicing are amongst the valuable programs offered through Kenworth PremierCare.

2012 Kenworth W900 Specifications

Style Amenities


  • Upholstered door pads and carpeted kick panel
  • Smooth upholstered side and back panels
  • Instrument panel with black trim
  • Full vinyl headliner
  • Diamond upholstered door pads and carpeted kick panels
  • Diamond tufted upholstered side and back panels
  • Diamond button color matches primary lining color
  • Full diamond tufted vinyl headliner
  • Black rubber floormat
  • Instrument panel with wood grain trim
  • Door map pockets
  • Driver and rider side inside sunvisors
  • Accessory power outlets in center console
  • DayLite Doors
  • Left and right dome lamps mounted above doors
  • Under dash floor lighting with red lens


  • Rolled and pleated wall panels and sleeper door pads
  • Full vinyl headliner
  • Diamond upholstered door pads and wall panels
  • Full Diamond tufted vinyl headliner
  • Two utility lights in tool compartment
  • Button color matches primary lining color
  • Right hand sleeper emergency exit door
  • Fold down table
  • Black rubber floor mat in sleeper
  • Sleeper curtain
  • Drawers and closet doors
  • Open shelving and hanging closets
  • Digital clock in sleeper
  • Accessory power outlet
  • Under bunk storage
  • Conclusion

With its precise Kenworth finish and fit, the 2012 Kenworth W900 makes a bold statement on the road. It also appeared in a movie Smokey and the Bandit, driven by Jerry Reed, a country singer.

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